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“VML announces new line: The Lemonade Stand”

VML Ultra Premium E-Liquid is proud to announce the exclusive release of their highly anticipated new line “The Lemonade Stand”. The Lemonade Stand, which features 3 delicious flavors (Fresh Lemonade, Kiwi Berry Lemonade, Orangeade), was exclusively released at Vape the Store, in East Haven, CT, just before the Memorial Day weekend.
The line has already become a huge hit! Bottles are flying off the shelves at Vape, and many are awaiting the full release of the line, which should drop in late June. The market and vape industry as a whole, have been craving a lemonade line that truly delivers a lemonade taste, while not compromising quality of ingredients. The Lemonade Stand satisfies this craving partly because the Lemonade Stand is manufacturing at Vape Manufacturing Labs, a pharmaceutical grade manufacturing lab dedicated to “raising the bar on e-liquid quality”.
With three exceptional flavors already (exclusively) released, the anticipation is growing to see which flavors Tag will release next. The following flavor profiles are creating quite a buzz around the vaping community:
Fresh Lemonade: Fresh Lemonade will bring you back to a time when life was simpler, sitting on a porch in the summer time, cooling off with a nice glass of refreshing lemonade. It is the first true lemonade flavor on the market, that delivers nostalgia, and will keep you craving that citrus sweetness.
Kiwi Berry Lemonade: A strawberry kiwi lemonade infusion, giving you that same refreshing taste and feel as Fresh Lemonade, but with a twist of fruity sweetness, that will keep your taste buds satisfied, as your new all day vape.
Orangeade: Finally, a flavor that delivers both a cool, refreshing, orange tang, mixed with our sweet lemonade citrus. Orangeade delivers the best of both worlds, orange and lemonade, as each flavor compliments one another, and leaves you reaching back to the bottle for more.

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