Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Quality & Consistency

“Quality Consistency requires meticulous attention to detail starting with the highest quality ingredients sourced only from American Manufacturers”

Vape Manufacturing Labs was inspected by the FDA with no observations.

  • Batch records are created by our Director for all E-Liquid flavors and nicotine levels
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) reviewed by Quality Assurance (QA) assures quality & consistency from mixing ingredients, steeping, bottling, capping, labeling, lot numbers, and packaging
  • All mixing and bottle fill are performed in our certified ISO7 grade clean room that has a double door pass through system to prevent contamination.
  • Particles in the clean room are monitored daily to ensure ISO7 standards
  • Manufacturing e-liquids within the clean room is held to a strict pharmaceutical grade regiment, ensuring quality. All technicians are GMP trained, monitored by CC cameras, and only GMP staff is allowed in the clean room facility secured by electronic card access
  • At the end of the finishing process each bottle is checked by our Quality Assurance Department for accuracy and quality before it is boxed for distribution.
  • Each bottle manufactured at VML is fully traceable to the day and time it was manufactured and by which technician. Consumer complaints can be quickly addressed

Quality & Consistency is designed into each step of our manufacturing process

Questions to ask your co-packer if they are GMP compliant

  • Do they have an independent Quality Assurance Department?
  • Do they have Standard Operating Procedures?
  • Do they have batch records? Does Quality Assurance review them?
  • Do they have any way to have the lab secure from non-authorized personnel?
  • Are there cleaning procedures in place? Does Quality Assurance review them?
  • Are there clean room pictures on their website stock photos?

Examples of clean room and filling equipment images used to make false claims – middle picture is a tablet filling machine not liquid