Vape Manufacturing Labs Private Label

  • Vanilla Custard – Vanilla Custard is a rich, buttery custard vape, with notes of Bavarian cream. This is a dessert lovers must have!
  • Berry Crunch – A classic flavor that will never go out of style! Enjoy the delicious berry cereal blend, mixed with a cool blast of milk! One of the most popular cereal vapes on the market!
  • Bubba Melon – A delicious take on watermelon bubble gum! The sweet watermelon inhale and the smooth bubble exhale will drive your taste buds wild!
  • Mentholly Insane – A traditional menthol flavor that will simply drive your customers INSANE! Mentholly Insane will satisfy anyone who is seeking a smooth, cool vape.
  • Gummy Fish – Your sweetest most delicious childhood memory! Kick back, relax, and enjoy the nostalgic feeling of our gummy fish flavor!
  • Blue Dew – A cool refreshing blast of honey dew melon and ripe blueberries, similar to your favorite candies! Feeling blue? We’ve got the cure! Blue Dew.
  • Strawberry Milk – A creamy blend of ripe strawberries and cool refreshing milk. Strawberry Milk will wow your customers with our spot-on recipe!
  • Strawberry Banana – Two flavors that were made for each other! Strawberry banana is a fruity blast of ripe bananas, and sweet strawberries. Don’t miss out on this classic combo!
  • Real Cig – Old Richmond Reserve tobacco in one amazing e-liquid! Your tobacco customers will love switching to this satisfying and spot-on tobacco flavor!
  • Punch Out – A dreamy mix of your favorite fruits, blended together to perfection! Enjoy our Punch Out and savor the taste of apples, apricots, guava, oranges, papayas, passion fruit, and pineapple, that form your favorite refreshing beverage!
  • Melon Madness – A flavor that will simply drive you mad! Melon Madness is a blend of fresh cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew melons that will undoubtedly have your customers craving for more!

With over 55 flavors in all nicotine levels registered with the FDA, VML offers a wide selection of e-liquid flavors that can be branded with your logo. Our branding experts, can help you design your label that meets current regulatory requirements. Each flavor we offer has been sold through our retail store located in East Haven CT since 2013. These are tried and true selections that customers come back for their all day vapes. They can be sold in your store so that you no longer need to manufacture e-liquids. Your customers will keep on coming back for your new flavors.