Vape Manufacturing Labs (VML): Who are we?

Vape Manufacturing Labs, Inc. (VML) located in Branford Connecticut is a world class e-liquid manufacturing organization (EMO) focused on providing the highest quality pharmaceutical grade e-liquids available manufactured using Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP).

Are you ready for tighter E-Liquid regulations? Is your co-packer truly GMP? We invite you to visit our facility and compare.

The founders of VML have over 40 years of combined experience working in the pharmaceutical industry overseeing analytics and quality with extensive GMP experience. As a manufacturer GMP e-liquids, products manufactured on our facility will be consistent batch after batch.

All bottles are hot stamped with a lot number that allows full traceability of each product from raw materials through final product that leaves our location. In the near future, VML will have its own analytical testing capability and offer testing to its customers. Recently, the FDA has presented VML with a 482, no observations were found.


We want our customers to know exactly what is in their e-liquids by using the highest quality ingredients with analytical vapor testing to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. We provide a wide selection of e-liquids with private labels to Vape shops that can no longer produce their own e-liquid products in their stores. VML also manufactures client e-liquid products (OEM) for greater than 20 clients using the same exacting manufacturing processes used to manufacture VML products.

Business Overview

Vape Manufacturing Labs Inc. (VML) started with a restructuring of our Vape LLC retail store located in East Haven Connecticut to form VML in March 2016 where our e-liquid manufacturing was separated from the retail location into its own 5000 sq. ft. facility located in Branford Connecticut. Vape LLC was founded in September 2013 with a $20,000 initial investment. Today VML owns an additional retail store located in Hamden Connecticut.

VML manufactures the highest quality e-liquids by utilizing the highest quality ingredients and Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) oversight under the guidance of our founders, consultants, and employees that have a combined 60 years plus experience in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and have had direct interactions with worldwide regulatory agencies including the FDA, MHRA, Health Canada, and the PMDA. Our intent is to manufacture e-liquids to pharmaceutical standards that our quality oversight will significantly surpass our competitors. We are raising the bar on e-liquid quality. The quality of our products will meet or exceed all regulatory agency requirements.

VML also manufactures its own line of e-liquid products and sells these products through our wholesale distribution network in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Japan, and China. VML also sells its products retail through its East Haven and Hamden retail store. VML intends to extend its wholesale distribution to additional counties including Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Czech Republic and Lithuania.