Our Development team will ensure that your product is even better than you expected. We are constantly working hard to provide the best E-Liquid recipes on the market. Whether we are replicating your existing recipe, or helping you perfect one, we guarantee satisfaction. All of our Liquids are tested for clarity, scent, and vigorous taste tested to ensure great flavor and vapor. We pride our selves not only on our quality standards, but by our ability to design some of the best and flavorful E-Liquids on the market.

At VML, inc., we take pride in developing a relationship with our clients. We understand that some E-Liquid recipes are delicate, and precise. Our Development team invites you to collaborate, hands on with the development process. A flavor mixologist can work with you 1 on 1 to help ensure your recipe is exactly how you want. Combined with an array of quality ingredients and extended testing, we guarantee your Ultra Premium E-Liquid will taste, as clean, pure, and flavorful as it should.

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