What are Ultra Premium E-Liquids?

Ultra Premium E-Liquids are the highest quality liquid available. They are manufactured under tightly controlled conditions from the time raw materials enter our manufacturing facility to the time our products leave.  They continue to be monitored for any issues while on the market with lot numbers and expiration dates printed directly on each vial.  All liquids have a child guard cap and each vile is individually shrink wrapped to ensure your E-liquid quality is exactly what it was when it left VML. Our liquid components are sourced from the highest quality vendors and each flavor is tested to ensure quality using state-of-the-art test methods under tightly controlled conditions to ensure each liquid has the same quality from batch to batch.  Manufacturing of our E-Liquids is performed by our highly skilled staff with supervision from our Quality Control and Regulatory departments.  We manufacture our E-Liquids to pharmaceutical grade standards that will meet regulatory agency requirements. Our founders and consultants have a combined 60 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

At VML, Inc. we make E-Liquid Quality By Design and we aim to Raise the Bar on E-Liquid Quality  to manufacture Ultra Premium E-Liquid so you know exactly what is in your juice.

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